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Starting with handwriting recognition is a good idea — Dataquest even has a guided project to help with that! — but once you’ve learned it, you can take it to the next level. Do you want to remember to stand up once every hour during work? How about writing some code that generates unique workout plans based on your goals and preferences? There are a variety of simple apps you can build for yourself to automate or enhance different aspects of your life.

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The difference is that while loops run while a condition is True. We just need to pass the sequences as arguments to the zip() function and use this result in the loop. When a break statement is found, the loop stops and the program returns to its normal execution beyond the loop. If we iterate over a string, its characters will be assigned to the loop variable one by one . This function returns a sequence of integers that we can use to determine how many iterations of the loop will be completed. Each condition will be checked and only the code block of the first condition that evaluates to True will run.

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To become a skilled programmer, you need to practice. There are many fun and exciting Python projects for beginners. These projects allow you to create something useful while learning this fun programming language. Python is very easy to learn language because of its easy syntax. It’s time to take another step into python game development. Tic-Tac-Toe may be a simple game to play, but it isn’t as easy to program. The Pygame library is useful for this type of project.

  • At Dataquest, we include guided projects in virtually every course, which we’ve designed to help bridge the gap between learning and doing.
  • Python-rapidjson – A Python wrapper around RapidJSON.
  • Django-crispy-forms – A Django app which lets you create beautiful forms in a very elegant and DRY way.
  • It allows you to design something that gives you a specific notification at a designated time.
  • These simple games and challenges will help to boost your understanding and confidence.

HermesCache – Python caching library with tag-based invalidation and dogpile effect prevention. Feincms – One of the most advanced Content Management Systems built on Django. Box – Python dictionaries with advanced dot notation access. Python-social-auth – An easy-to-setup social authentication mechanism. Django-allauth – Authentication app for Django that “just works.”

A Quiz Game in Python

This project utilizes Pygame and is great for beginner developers to take their skills to the next level. In this Tech with Tim tutorial, you will learn how to recreate the classic snake game in Python. This project uses Object-oriented programming and Pygame which is a popular Python module for creating games. Once you have an understanding of the Python programming language, take on more advanced projects. They require you to have an in-depth knowledge of Python. Even if these projects are more difficult to complete, you’ll learn a great deal from undertaking them.

  • When you run the program, a new file will be created if it doesn’t exist already in the path that we specified.
  • Udemy also offers a course on how to build 8 different web apps that is worth checking out!
  • SimPy – A process-based discrete-event simulation framework.
  • Since it is a small window to give input year so we set its dimension as 250×140.
  • To add a new key-value pair we use the same syntax that we use to update a value, but now the key has to be new.
  • Prison Break — Have some fun, and analyze a dataset of helicopter prison escapes using Python and Jupyter Notebook.

Python-decouple – Strict separation of settings from code. Gevent – A coroutine-based Python networking library that uses greenlet. Concurrent.futures – A high-level interface for asynchronously executing callables. Pgcli – PostgreSQL CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting. Mycli – MySQL CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting. Litecli – SQLite CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting. Iredis – Redis CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting.

Static Site Generator

Furl – A small Python library that makes parsing and manipulating URLs easy. Parserply – Implementation of lex and yacc parsing tools for Python. Shortuuid – A generator library for concise, unambiguous and URL-safe UUIDs. Genshi – Python templating toolkit for generation of web-aware output.

  • It’s time to take another step into python game development.
  • Python games and challenges can improve one’s problem-solving skills.It is said that practice makes perfect.
  • We will generate a QR Code for encoding the youtube link and we will also explore more.
  • Stop is the index of the last character in the slice .
  • The Pygame library is useful for this type of project.
  • Passlib – Secure password storage/hashing library, very high level.

The program also requires functions to check if an actual number is entered by the user, and finds the difference between the two numbers. In terms of what it does, this is a pretty simple program. The point of the program is for it to find a random article on Wikipedia. Think about how well the project will fit into your overall goals. For example, if your career goal is to develop apps, create a simple web app project. However, learning Python 3 makes you the most up-to-date in the language.

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