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It offers small challenges that you can practice and, once your tests pass, proceed to the next step. Today we are going to learn how to learn JavaScript faster so that you can command JavaScript as you please and use it effectively in your projects. Magic Eight Ball Build a virtual Magic Eight Ball using control flow in JavaScript. You’ll practice building decision-making into your programs and gain confidence in writing more robust JavaScript code. The best thing about programming is that it has so many applications. Computer science can be used in agriculture, healthcare, education, social interaction, automation, manufacturing, entertainment, and more.

how to learn javascript

I was also learning web development simultaneously though, so my timeline may not be applicable to you if you don’t know how to program or are already quite familiar with web development. Programming is a muscle that you have to flex if you want to be successful at it. That’s why the computer science world invented the idea of agile software development.

Top 14 JavaScript Courses for Beginners to Learn Online 2022

This is also one of the highest recommended course and very useful if you prefer time-based learning. While JavaScript is very vast this course provides a nice structure to learn JavaScript at your own speed but in a timely manner. This is another advanced JavaScript course for people who already know JavaScript.

how to learn javascript

It will take you a few weeks to get more familiar with the packages or libraries that are relevant to your project, like Reactif you are working on a user interface . JavaScript is ranked as the #1 programming language to learn programming with by Times Jobs, Fullstack Academy, and many more. Regardless of which ranking you look at though, JavaScript is sure to be near the top. JavaScript has also been ranked as the most in-demand language by Berkeleywhen it comes to job openings. If you like these JavaScript tutorials and courses, then please share it with your friends and colleagues.

What you’ll create

This course is created by Brad Traversy of Traversy Media Youtube Channel and instructor of popular BootStrap 5 From Scratch with 5 Projects course. You can gauge the popularity of this course by looking at the number of students enrolled, currently, 5M+, which is a very high number for any online FREE course. In short, Codecademy is the best website to learn JavaScript online, and you should take advantage of this.

Can I learn JavaScript in 2 days?

Seriously, two days is about enough to get a feel for the basics. It's nowhere near enough time to get to "professional" level (whatever that means exactly). The more experience you have with other languages, the easier it will be, though.

Maybe you want to use technology to connect people – build a chat app. Train a machine learning model to recognize your friends and family in your photos. Perhaps you like math – write a script that finds the roots of polynomial functions. If you don’t already know how to program, I’ll outline the fastest way to get started with JavaScript and how to learn to program quickly in general. Learning to program takes most people anywhere between three months to a year.

The JavaScript language

You are going to need to look at examples of scripts and be able to understand how the program works. They are quite complex, so make sure you’ve taken the time to read through some JavaScript tutorials like this onebefore attempting to understand these examples. Having a reason or inspiration also makes it easy to focus on a single idea for a project for you to learn to program. Let’s say you’re interested in finance and want to build a budgeting app. The first thing you could figure out how to do would be to calculate the current balance of an account. Assuming you have the value of each transaction stored in an array, you could write a script that sums all the elements of the array together and prints out the balance.

  • Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning.
  • A lot of the time, without knowing best practices, you might fall into the trap of writing bad code that isn’t efficient.
  • Think of a project, big or small, that relates to this pressing need to learn Javascript as fast as possible.
  • This is another advanced JavaScript course for people who already know JavaScript.

Figure out what you still need to know in order to complete your project. Maybe it’s focused on data analytics, and you need to figure out how to read in a CSV using JavaScript. Whatever it is, think of all the different things your application needs to be able to do and how you want it to do them. Try and find some packages or libraries that can help you accomplish your programming goals. Come up with an idea that fits your passion and can be expanded into a complex system. Also, take the time to think about the concepts of the idea you are most familiar with and consider what is the easiest thing for your application.

Learn the Basics

Most industries don’t have a way where you can use your technical skills and your creativity together. Still in GitHub, you can search for EddieHub where you can find a community of welcoming developers, ready to help new developers contribute to the open source repositories for free. It has great repositories where you can learn and contribute. Using the projects I created, I would borrow concepts from them like the navigation bar or the footer, and I would implement it in my new project. At the end, I was able to create a new project on my own without the help of tutorials.

Read through the code of these projects and learn how they structure their code. You can also study the languages and frameworks they use which will help you practice and cement your learning in JavaScript.

The ability to read documentation is an underrated but important skill. Reading the documentation can give you a better understanding of the language. It happened when I was learning React for the first time. There was a hackathon coming up for which I needed to know React, and I deep dived into the course. Longer tutorials cover the basics well if you’re just beginning to program in JavaScript.

Should I know HTML before JavaScript?

You should learn HTML and CSS before JavaScript. HTML and CSS are the core technologies for building web pages and applications. HTML defines the structure of your content, CSS determines the style and layout, and JS makes the content interactive; therefore, you should learn them in that order.

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