JavaScript Array sort Method

Doesn’t work for me, tried other solutions that does indeed work but this one doesn’t. This implementation is quite good if you need to sort it by ID. @BadFeelingAboutThis what does returning either -1 or 1 mean?

  • The sort method can be modified to sort anything like an array of numbers, strings and even objects using a compare function.
  • This solution is based on the behaviour of || operator which evaluates to the first evaluated expression which can be converted to true.
  • The sort() method will use the compare function to determine the orders of elements.
  • If the number of array elements is increasing, it will potentially decrease the performance.
  • The purpose of the compare function is to define an alternative sort order.
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However changing it to use localeCompare removes the ability to sort numbers, and is also significantly slower. Lodash produces very clean code and promotes a more functional programming style. In one glimpse it becomes clear what the intent of the code is. I think this will only work on some prop types.. I.e. if type is string use return a.localCompare etc. etc.. As of 2018 there is a much shorter and elegant solution. @zero_cool Array isn’t being extended here , it’s extended from.

Numeric Sort

Let’s look at a few examples of using the sort method, starting with how to use it with strings. In the question strings were used for comparison as opposed to numbers. Your answer works great for sorting by numbers, but isn’t so good for comparisons by string. You can use the function below to generate sort functions with multiple sort parameters. Second, sort the temporary array with the elements that are already evaluated . You cannot reduce the number of times that comparison function is executed.

Why quick sort is best?

Quick sort is an in-place sorting algorithm. In-place sorting means no additional storage space is needed to perform sorting. Merge sort requires a temporary array to merge the sorted arrays and hence it is not in-place giving Quick sort the advantage of space.

For example, you may need to write your own custom algorithm to sort or organize the data. In other instances, JavaScript provides the tools you need. When programming, developers often need a way to sort and organize information. Please consider editing your post to add more explanation about what your code does and why it will solve the problem. An answer that mostly just contains code (even if it’s working) usually wont help the OP to understand their problem. Actually it didn’t seem to work, had to use the accepted answer.

JavaScript array.sort() method

There are no built-in functions for finding the max or min value in an array. If the result is 0 no changes are done with the sort order of the two values. Similarly for every element, we check and place them accordingly in iterations. If you don’t want that to happen, then do the sort on a copy of the array.

javascript array sort

The default ECMAScript sort is alphabetical, so a little magic is needed to sort an array in numerical order. To properly sort numbers, it is essential to use a compare function. You’ve learned a lot about the sort method, but nothing can quite compare to seeing it used in practice.

Sort Method JavaScript

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Use the above concept to apply on your object where a will be your object property. This function could be extended to support numeric fields, case sensitity, arbitary datatypes etc. I’m aware that it sorts based on the code point of the character in unicode.

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