7 Advantages of Offshore Software Development

This is the biggest advantage of offshore software development is that you don’t have to provide them any resources as they have the required infrastructure at the development centre. Also, the developers are open to work on a flexible time as per the client’s requirements.

Is it offshore or off shore?

When “offshore” is used as a preposition, it means “off the shore or coast of,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. So the “of” is already built in. As we've written before on our blog, “offshore” has been used as both an adverb and an adjective since the great seafaring days of the 18th century.

One of the benefits of hiring an offshore software development company is that it leaves tons of time for you to focus on other essential aspects of your business. There’s no need for you to be closely involved in the project; you can just hire an entire team of offshore developers who will get your product from the ideation stage and up to the market release. If your in-house development team is underequipped and lacks people to do the job, you can augment your team with offshore developers who will aid your in-house developers.

When to Apply to an Offshore Development Vendor?

Before we begin, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve reviewed the pros and cons of offshore software development services from the lens of a company that builds tech teams in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Working with clients primarily from North America and Western Europe, we’ve retained some useful insights along the way that have aided us in the creation of this article. Advantages of offshore software development teams that they are going to be your strategic partner in driving business success through technology. A strategic partner can help you with everything from finding the correct technology platforms to deployment and quality assurance. Basically, with offshoring, you can now hire people from anywhere around the world, as long as their expertise fits your project specs. Of course, such a vast range of choices leaves you with loads of vendors to filter, so you need to be careful here to choose the one who can give you the results you need. A good vendor can get you an entire team of professional software developers in a matter of a couple of months to get your project going ASAP.

  • Working with an overseas team isn’t easy, but if you’ve built the right groundwork, it’s doable.
  • There is an abundance of skilled resources in these regions, because of which the offshore software development rates by country are generally low.
  • Your company will have immediate access to a high performing and expert offshore team of professionals and you will be able to focus on your core business functions.
  • Transcend the norms with value-based business innovations emerging from our extendible digital ecosystems, designs, and sustainable technological services.
  • In this case, the time to market and costs would be reduced, and you’ll be able to outperform your domain competitors.
  • Offshore software development benefits mean having access to world-class offshore software development services.
  • Hiring a software development outsourcing company will deliver your start-up from the responsibility of recruiting, training, and housing staff to develop applications for your business.

Our product development philosophies have attracted clients like Aspiration, a US-based fintech startup that provides alternative banking solutions with an app. Aspiration not only allows its users to manage financial transactions but invest with the app. The demand for software outsourcing is expected to grow in the coming years. According to ManpowerGroup, 69% of US companies are facing difficulties in hiring skilled talents in 2019, with IT professionals being one of the hardest to hire. UK’s employers are also facing the same problems, with 67% of tech leaders agreeing that tech talent shortage is disrupting momentum.

Choose The Right Partner

All signs point to offshore software development as the preferred method of building apps in the coming future. We’ve shown how to choose the right IT outsourcing vendor and where to find them.

  • For this purpose, you can contact a vendor to find out whether they sign a non-disclosure agreement or not.
  • IT outsourcing makes available cooperation with a variety of technical experts competent in needed business domains.
  • Despite all the perks of offshore software development, there are some flaws to it you should keep in mind when choosing the right outsourcing strategy for your business.
  • The success or failure of your venture totally depends on how effective/strong communication you carry with your offshore team.
  • Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.
  • When you decide to delegate a project to a software development company, your main goal is to get a top-notch product, but you should also think about the financial viability of this approach.

When it comes to Eastern Europe and LATAM, the demand vs. supply ratio is more than reasonable. With nearly 2 million developers combined on the market, the regions’ IT markets are more than ready to back you up when you need to bring in extra hands urgently. We at nCube are in an excellent position to get your team off the ground on short notice, given that we’re an established employer capable of attracting top talent skilled in a wide range of technologies. On average, we can build a standard team of developers in 3-4 weeks, which further validates the markets’ team extension capabilities. Also, we’ve illustrated our success as a leading software outsourcing company in Ukraine and how we’ve helped various startups. India’s reputation as the top outsourcing country in Asia is strengthened by its 5,000,000+ software developers.

Will the development team take responsibility and accountability of my project?

Simply put, offshoring means delegating your project or other tasks to a dedicated team of software developers located in a far-off country, often on the opposite side of the globe. So, if you are located in the US, hiring people from somewhere in Europe would be considered offshoring. Choosing this cooperation model has its benefits and flaws, so stick around to find out exactly what the pros and cons of offshore software development are. Nearshore and offshore teams may require more control and communication than a home-based squad. Using offshore development services suggests keeping team communication and development processes under control personally.

The dedicated team approach offers stability, control and is most suited for long-term projects. Advantages of offshore software development team is having at least someone working on the project even when resources are not abundant. This makes it easier to recognize and address any difficulties that arise during the development process.

How to Effectively Manage an Offshore Software Development Team?

We are sure that you must have gathered that even though partnering with the right offshore development company can be the best choice, it can get overwhelming. When the project reaches the development stage – Once you have the idea and the structure of the app ready, now would be the time to connect with the software development partner and initiate the journey. When you are in the stage of considering how to partner with the best offshore development team, it can help to keep a note of what can go wrong as well. Choosing offshore developers means the elimination of the hiring and training time. MVP stage with a product that is not made up to its true potential, or they partner with offshore software developers who build their products for a lot less. Reduced operational costs – When you decide to work with an overseas startup developer team, you don’t have to set up any workspace, day-to-day infrastructure, or any equipment or IT system. Another aspect of reduced operational cost through offshoring is how you are able to save on all the hiring time and costs.

benefits of offshore software development

So, while you will be able to hire a developer who is skilled in a certain technology, it will be difficult to hire an entire team having multi-tech specializations. The most popular areas for outsourcing projects are South America, Poland, and India. There is an abundance of skilled resources in these regions, because of which the offshore software development rates by country are generally low. However, what cannot be ignored are the obvious benefits of offshore software development. Last month, a founder came telling us how he had contracted an offshore software development company that came with an unmatched price and timeline guarantee. The firm had promised them that they would deliver the software in 4 months. One of the first and the biggest issues that come to mind when you consider working with people in a far-off country is the time zone gap.

How Long Does It Take to Make an App?

Do these offshore software companies understand your needs and requirements precisely? Try to hire offshore developers who are pretty much proactive in regards to their working patterns. These people don’t let the misunderstandings grow; it’s better to get rid of them right at the beginning before it gets too late. Startups gain various benefits from offshore software outsourcing, including cost reduction and a shorter time to market. Offshore development services aren’t limited to building an app from scratch. Developers may provide specific services such as back-end development, UI/UX design, or app development.

  • So here is everything you need to know about hiring offshore software developers.
  • Thus, if you lack technical know-how in-house, offshore development services can be a good solution to bring in the needed expertise.
  • It may not seem important all the time but once the car gets a puncture, the driver has to switch the original wheel with a spare one.
  • You should partner with an outsourcing software development company that would give you flexibility in terms of time allocation and team size.
  • The offshore software outsourcing IT sphere offers businesses a range of opportunities, according to which they are able to save their efforts, time and money.

Article was published on: 10/11/22

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