IT Outstaffing Services

Outstaffer deals with all issues related to the calculation, accrual, and payment of salaries and bonuses and taxes, and various fees. The customer only makes the payment that is stipulated by the contract. The outstaffer company deals with all documentation, from the registration of vacations and sick leaves to the writing of reports. This reduces the burden on the administrative department and accounting department of the client company. Essentially, this model gives the client the ability to have professional developers on the project team without having to pay high prices and taxes. For example, if you want to manage a project personally, monitor the quality and process of implementation, outsourcing, unfortunately, will not give you this opportunity. This problem is perceived especially acutely when there is a large time difference.

  • You are not limited in your choice, as you can hire specialists with a set of unique skills around the world.
  • Personnel outstaffing services are provided to the customer on the terms of a temporary contract.
  • By transferring data to a third party, you run the risk of data leakage.
  • You can ask your outstaffing partner to provide additional specialists, whenever the workload is high, or you may inform an outstaffing company that there is no more need for certain specialists.
  • You can also forget about the headache of selecting and hiring specialists.
  • From the moment you contact Dinarys to the launch of your project, the shortest amount of time will pass.

The contractor will take care of finding the most suitable candidates. They have enough personnel reserve, experience, and a way of attracting new specialists.

Our IT Outstaffing Services

Engaged in the payment of taxes and various fees, such as the contribution to the social security fund; optimizes taxation , forms a tax credit for the customer. All-In-One HRM software for managing your company’s talents, time, performance and culture. Outsourcingis the delegation of business tasks to third parties who are specialists in a particular field. Which one to choose depends on your needs, goals, and capabilities.

Track time against projects and report on where time is spent faster. Over the past decade, Ukraine became a “go-to” country having the greatest number of software developers in the world. These remote developers are well-educated, well-trained, and… Outstaff’s team at a remote call center, you are not just getting a group of well-trained representatives. CEO and CTO personally lead each new customer to make the cooperation smooth and effective.

Outstaffing vs. outsourcing

Our loyalty, creativity, and deep expertise have already earned us the reputation for a trustworthy expert for favorable cooperation in a friendly environment. This is when the client delegates all responsibilities to a person officially hired by another company . We have successfully replicated 370+ projects and continue to prove our clients’ trust. Also, pay attention to the campaign’s reputation, profile, and experience. The main problem boils down to the fact that if the channels are not well established, you may have problems with communication and understanding of tasks. “Their deliverables earned positive feedback from the customer and end users. Particular points of praise for Fireart Studio’s work included the UX/UI design, illustrations, and animations.” Risk minimization for the company in the event of legal issues.

outstaff team

Its team leads or project managers assign tasks to outstaffed team members and supervise their execution. The ability to manage a workflow can be crucial for many companies that prefer to have everything under their complete control. A facility manager of the outstaffing company prepares the hardware and software that new specialists need to efficiently perform assigned tasks. On their first day, newcomers go through the onboarding process, get acquainted with a team, gain access to the systems and tools, and become familiar with a project. As soon as the client provides positive feedback on the candidates and approves them, the outstaffing company makes them a job offer. In such a way, the outstaffing company actually deals with payroll, benefits, insurance, taxes, etc., whereas specialists work exclusively on a client’s project.

Outstaffing vs Project-based Model

Team members are accessible on Slack or your company’s main communicating channel. Delegating development and support to the offshore partner’s team you may either reduce spends and dramatically extend your opportunities by involving tech experts from the other countries.

The client manages the project processes in both cases, but in different ways, depending on the model. These models play a significant role in organization development and the individual processes’ execution.

Article was published on: 09/27/22

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