Beginners Guide: MongoDB Basics

All the modern applications require big data, fast features development, flexible deployment, and the older database systems not competent enough, so the MongoDB was needed. MongoDB is an open-source document database that provides high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling. Just a quick note on the key difference between the _id field and a normal collection field. The _id field is used to uniquely identify the documents in a collection and is automatically added by MongoDB when the collection is created. This is one of the key differences in how data is modeled in MongoDB. The document structure is more in line with how developers construct their classes and objects in their respective programming languages.

basics of mongodb

Documents can be nested to express hierarchical relationships and to store structures such as arrays. Here are some of the key concepts and terms you will encounter as you learn about MongoDB. This section introduces you to MongoDB indexes that help perform queries faster and more efficiently. Leverage all other useful features of MongoDB in your projects. Interact with data on MongoDB efficiently including creating, reading, updating, and deleting . If you’re looking for a quick way to master MongoDB development from scratch, you’re at the right place.

Removing a document

This MongoDB basics course is ideal for beginners to learn about MongoDB faster and more easily. As we have seen from the Introduction section, the data in MongoDB has a flexible schema. Unlike in SQL databases, where you must have a table’s schema declared before inserting data, MongoDB’s collections do not enforce document structure.

Does MongoDB use JSON?

The MongoDB-JSON connection

MongoDB was designed from its inception to be a database focused on delivering great development experience. JSON's ubiquity made it the obvious choice for representing data structures in MongoDB's document data model.

The method accepts one number type argument, which is the number of documents that you want to be displayed. In the above documents, there is an extra field named_id in every document. Whenever you insert a document, MongoDB automatically adds an _id field which uniquely identifies each document. This is going to first create your collection testCollection if the collection does not exist. Then it will insert a document with name, age and email. Code − This datatype is used to store JavaScript code into the document.

MongoDB Syllabus

If you want to see this data in a cleaner, way just add .pretty() to the end of it. This will display document in pretty-printed JSON format. Also, notice we have inserted a new property called city on the document for john doe. So if you use find, then you’ll see only for john doe the city property is attached. The insert() method is similar to the insertMany() method. InsertMany() is used to insert more than one document.

The other reason is MongoDB supports a mature ecosystem of tools and an interactive community of users. It is recommended to get an overview of Big Data and then start with NoSQL databases first for this MongoDB foundations program. MongoDB tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of SQL. Our MongoDB tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals. What are data retrieval patterns – If you foresee a heavy query usage then consider the use of indexes in your data model to improve the efficiency of queries.

MongoDB Operators

Double − This type is used to store floating point values. Boolean − This type is used to store a boolean (true/ false) value. An important way to ensure high availability is by keeping more than one copy of your data. With MongoDB, high availability is built right into the design.

What is difference between JSON and BSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. BSON stands for Binary JavaScript Object Notation. JSON data contains its data basic in JSON format. BSON gives extra datatypes over the JSON data.

Regular expression − This datatype is used to store regular expression. Object − This datatype is used for embedded documents. Arrays − This type is used to store arrays or list or multiple values into one key. MongoDB is a rich open-source document-oriented and one of the widely recognised NoSQL database. It is written in C++ programming language. There is still work to do to analyze which queries could benefit from adding an index.

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