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According to Skrygan, the likes of Gitpod and Codespaces are not necessarily competition, but can work with the JetBrains solution. “All of these orchestration tools might have an integration with our remote development for IntelliJ,” he said. “We are already working with lots of orchestration vendors to make it happen and quite sure that the next year you will see IntelliJ with third party vendor connections.” JetBrains has a core IDE used for the IntelliJ IDEA Java tool as well other IDEs such as Android Studio, the official programming environment for Google Android, PyCharm for Python, Rider for C#, and so on.

  • Multiple front ends correspond to multiple users, and multiple back ends perform different functions.
  • In that context the incentives towards remote development environments are very strong.
  • PyCharm in particular has had a “remote interpreter” feature for a while which works quite well.
  • Fleet identifies two types of back ends, IntelliJ IDEA-based and LSP-based .
  • It isn’t clear to me based on the video if that feature is exclusive to Space or not.
  • JetBrains has introduced remote development for its range of IDEs as well as previewing a new IDE called Fleet, which will form the basis for fresh tools covering all major programming languages.
  • Especially in corporate context this will be the future for compliance reasons.
  • Otherwise, it’s just one bad day away from some manager pulling the old switcheroo, and making the server a paid “pro” thing.

Opening a project should bring with it all of the conventions for working on that project, along with plugins also. It’s funny that the person who wrote the copy for the webpage thought that “does X in seconds” was a good way to describe the speed of a modern text editor. About 6 months ago I was finally fed up and just accepted I would be slower and less productive in some areas for a while without ReSharper, but that it would be OK. So personally I’m willing to extend some trust to IntelliJ. I shouldn’t have to point out just how broken that is as a way of supporting paying customers. The story isn’t so great for other languages, though.

User configurable menus

JetBrains says this will help Fleet run across many different environments, from a simple local application to a cloud-based web service. The company also plans to add support for PHP, C++, C#, and HTML.

The feature also comes as standard for paid-for IDEs. “We do not charge anything for remote development for our paying users. Right now remote development is not applicable for community IDEs. This is on our road map next year,” Skrygan said. The Register spoke to Kirill Skrygan, programming lead for remote development as well as Code With Me, which enables multi-user programming.

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The argument in # about it being useful only in a handful of places in a file is not true for C# projects which utilize dependency injection, which is very common for ASP .NET Core and similar. I would also agree with @TomasHubelbauer and @Xanewok that “Go to implementation” should be in the context menu or better yet provide the end user the capability to update keybindings to whatever they want. It’s way better if you put the power in the hands of the user and let them create their own context menu entries for when plugin devs come up short.

jetbrains fleet compete microsoft visual code

JetBrains has introduced remote development for its range of IDEs as well as previewing a new IDE called Fleet, which will form the basis for fresh tools covering all major programming languages. The setup in pycharm/intellij is about 100x more work so if you don’t plan on working alot on a particular project, in remote mode, it’s just too convenient to use vscode. It parses your .ssh/config so there’s no manual setup, or at least close to 0. In intellij you have to set up folder sync, remote interpreters, , +++. It works great but it’s just a huge hassle in comparison. JetBrains is not alone in offering remote development, which has come to the fore recently with projects such as Gitpod or GitHub’s Codespaces. There is a difference, though, which is that the JetBrains solution is designed to be self-hosted.

Installing Fleet

The minute Fleet starts to support old-style JetBrains plugins, it will get Markdown preview along with hundreds of other features. Nevertheless, the roadmap for Fleet includes a new plugin architecture. I’m sure there is a good reason for that, having to do with the updated architecture of Fleet, but I expect that support for old-style JetBrains plugins will happen soon for bootstrap purposes. Fleet’s architecture is designed to support a range of configurations and workflows. You can run Fleet only on your machine, or move some of the processes elsewhere—for example by locating the code processing in the cloud. Fleet currently supports development in Java, Kotlin, Go, Python, JavaScript, JSON, TypeScript, and Rust.

jetbrains fleet compete microsoft visual code

IJ is an IntelliJ engine, and LSP is a Language Server Protocol instance. FSD – a Fleet agent typically attached to the system where source code and SDKs reside. It is used to build the project, run code, execute terminal commands, and perform other actions in the target environment on behalf of Fleet. With distributed and remote options and advanced collaboration capabilities, JetBrains Fleet could be the best thing for software developers since Visual Studio Code. However, IDEs are large applications, and can be overkill for simpler projects. JetBrains has now revealed its new lightweight editor, Fleet, which aims to be modular and compatible with just about everything.

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While VS Code has great WSL2 support, IntelliJ IDEA can not even show proper error messages when opening Maven projects inside WSL2. I used to like Intellij but got fed up and just stopped using it.

  • I know of a couple of people who went away from PyCharm just because of this.
  • I’m sure you already know this, but I used to use sublime text and moved to an IDE because of the debugging features.
  • This is perhaps more related to the language than you think.
  • “So we have to collaborate with Apple regarding this.”

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