ArduinoJson: Efficient JSON serialization for embedded C++

It also supports surrogates and “\u0000” . Some tests change the installed files and hence make the whole process not reproducible.

  • Here is a related issue #1924.
  • If it is CURLY_CLOSE, we’re done.
  • There is also the ArduinoJson Troubleshooter, another online tool that helps you solve common issues by asking a series of questions .
  • Create an object of your SAX interface class, e.g. my_sax.

Quentin Barbarat fixed an example in the documentation. Carlos Gomes Martinho updated the Conan package source. Antoine Cœur fixed some typos in the documentation. Evgenii Sopov integrated the library to the wsjcpp package manager. OmnipotentEntity implemented the binary values for CBOR, MessagePack, BSON, and UBJSON.

Data structure and algorithm

Since we’re only supporting integers, this one has no internal state. We check characters until we stop seeing digits.

  • If it is “faklse”, for example, then it should give an error.
  • When using CMake, you can also achieve this by setting the option JSON_ImplicitConversions to OFF.
  • Always please only say the language you actually use, as well as tag the question appropriately.
  • Evgenii Sopov integrated the library to the wsjcpp package manager.

David Pfahler added the possibility to compile the library without I/O support. Jaakko Moisio fixed a bug in the input adapters. Guillaume Racicot implemented string_view support and allowed C++20 support. T0b1-iOS fixed a bug in the new hash implementation. Konstantin Podsvirov fixed the MSYS2 package documentation. Gareth Sylvester-Bradley fixed a compilation issue with MSVC. ArtemSarmini fixed a compilation issue with GCC 10 and fixed a leak.

Parse Function

Kert allowed to template the string type in the serialization and added the possibility to override the exceptional behavior. Alexej Harm helped to get the user-defined types working with Visual Studio. Glen Fernandes noted a potential portability problem in the has_mapped_type function. Daniel Frey cleaned up some pointers and implemented exception-safe memory allocation. Eric Cornelius pointed out a bug in the handling with NaN and infinity values. He also improved the performance of the string escaping. If you are using MacPorts, execute sudo port install nlohmann-json to install the nlohmann-json package.

  • Tom Needham fixed a subtle bug with MSVC 2015 which was also proposed by Michael K..
  • A library for M5Stack to package you apps on a SD card and load them from a menu.
  • Data can be modified with the help of JsonCpp.
  • Android defaults to using very old compilers and C++ libraries.
  • Ryan Mulder added ensure_ascii to the dump function.
  • Gareth Sylvester-Bradley fixed a compilation issue with MSVC.

Colin Hirsch took care of a small namespace issue. Florian Weber fixed a bug in and improved the performance of the comparison operators. Kirkshoop made the iterators of the class composable to other libraries. Only if your request would contain confidential information, please send me an email. For encrypted messages, please use this key. Need to install it when your main project gets installed.


Please help us by providing minimal reproducible examples, because source code is easier to let other people understand what happens. For crash problems on certain platforms, please bring stack dump content with the detail of the OS, compiler, etc. Change to build directory and run cmake .. Command to configure your build. Windows users can do the same with cmake-gui application. Parsing from a non null-terminated stringThe example below demonstrates the parse() function reading from a string that is not null-terminated.

c++ json parsing

You can find a performance test here ( 100% is best ). Regarding to these examples RapiJson has won. Be never measured the performance on our own to this lib in special. We are happy with RapidJson, which is in use for AssetImporterLib for the GLTF-importer. When I search online, I am getting multiple JSON parsers. But I would like to know about the best. We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more.

Indented output

On this website, you’ll find 499 pages of documentation and 40 news articles. This dramatically simplifies the compilation as you don’t have to worry about compiling and linking the library. ArduinoJson protects you against integer overflows. Before casting a value to an integer, it checks that the value is in range. If the value doesn’t fit, it returns 0 to prevent overflows. When parsing a JSON document from an input stream, ArduinoJson stops reading as soon as the document ends (e.g., at the closing brace).

c++ json parsing

Look at issue 1108 for errors that may occur otherwise. The library supports JSON Pointer as alternative means to address structured values. On top of this, JSON Patch allows describing differences between two JSON values – effectively allowing patch and diff operations known from Unix. �� If you found a bug, please check the FAQ if it is a known issue or the result of a design decision.

Fixed Memory Allocation

This process takes the array of tokens and turns them into a tree structure. The tree develops children as we spot [ or tokens.

  • If the value doesn’t fit, it returns 0 to prevent overflows.
  • Something that works similar to Newtonsoft’s JSON library would be preferable.
  • A better implementation would implement the lexer as taking a character stream rather than a string, but taking a string is simpler.
  • RapidJSON is a header-only C++ library.
  • If you are using hunter on your project for external dependencies, then you can use the nlohmann_json package.
  • Parsing from a contiguous containerThe example below demonstrates the parse() function reading from a contiguous container.

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