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This video will help you to understand what are the initial steps to follow in order to create an Azure free trial account. Sign in with the Microsoft account that you created previously. Deployment to end user devices, you might find it helpful to use a “test” or “lab” environment for your trial or pre-production environment. Select the checkbox to agree to Azure’s customer agreement and privacy agreement. Click Next. Click either Text me or Call me to send a verification code to your phone. Select your country or region.

azure account creation

Refer to Authorizing Jamf Trust in Your Azure AD Tenant and use the Microsoft account that you created above when prompted during the “Admin Grant” process. Needs for authentication are always free services and do not draw against your subscription. Complete all of the steps to confirm your identity and create a trial. Verify that the subscription information is correct, then select Create. You’ll see a notification that the subscription is getting created. Select your Subscription directory.

Azure Free Services

To set up a free subscription, you need a phone number, a credit card, and a Microsoft account. Azure subscriptions are linked to one Azure AD tenant. An Azure subscription is a logical container used to provision resources in Microsoft Azure. It holds the details of all your resources like virtual machines, databases, etc.

Is Microsoft account same as Azure account?

There is no synchronization of user account information between Microsoft Accounts and Azure Active Directory, like you can achieve with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. This is due to the separation of that consumer versus business identity platform.

If you already have a personal Microsoft account, you may use that instead of creating a new one. Create a new Microsoft account with an email address that is NOT your work or company email. To start using your Azure account, click Go to Azure portal.

Permission required to create Azure subscriptions

Here’s a simple representation of how account owners, subscriptions, tenants, and resources work together. A Pay-As-You-Go subscription charges you monthly for the services you used in that billing period.

Notice that each Azure AD tenant has anaccount owner. This is the original Azure account that is responsible for billing. You can add additional users to the tenant, and even invite guests from other Azure AD tenants to access resources in subscriptions.

Azure Free Account : How to Create Azure Free Account

You can’t select guest directory users. If you select a service principal, enter its App ID.

Also, the debit card is not accepted, still, if you face any issues check it with Microsoft Azure support. I am getting stuck at “Enter Payment details” section. I have provided debit card details properly, but getting validation “Check the info you entered. It doesn’t match the info for this card.”. I also enabled international payments for the card, but not working. Please help how can I proceed.

Create a Microsoft Customer Agreement subscription

This document demonstrates how to create an Azure® account. You can use this account to launch instances of cPanel & WHM. You signed out in another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed in with another tab or window.

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