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The Reddit covers most areas of development with some light hearted conversations as well as some more involved ones. This being Reddit, you also have contributors from across the world with a huge variation in skill level. By doing so, you get to cut through the mess of amateurs and get access to very high level discussions about major coding challenges. Marketing Team Lead at CloserIQ with 10+ years of cumulative experience in marketing, teaching, and sales.

  • However, you may join in on the most recent product topic to provide input, upvote or down-vote products, and so on, much as you would do in a conventional forum.
  • CodePen claims it is the “best place to build, test, and discover front-end code.” At the very least, CodePen’s dev tools can be used as a good sandbox.
  • Hashnode’s Devblog platform enables you to create your personal blog on your custom domain in a few simple steps with everything you need to grow as a blogger.
  • The community provides comprehensive guides, tutorials, trends for developers, Q/A sessions, and much more.
  • A close network is also great for mock interviews, referrals for jobs, etc.
  • User groups are self-governing and usually feature monthly meetings, a mailing list, a website, and frequent code fests.
  • Kaggle is a data science community that includes powerful tools and resources to assist users in achieving their data science objectives.

Since its founding in 2008, it’s been the go-to sites for over 4.7 million developers. It is without a doubt one of the best places to find an answer to pretty much any coding question. Check them out and remember that these communities are all about give and take.

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Hacker News is a social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship. As mentioned on their website, you can post anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity. It is a great place and one of the top developer communities to share your stories and gain insights from other developers.

  • New technologies, programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and conventions are constantly being introduced to the industry.
  • It is surfed by Technologists, Software Developers, Bitcoiners, and Blockchain Enthusiasts.
  • However, since Reddit is so open, public, and huge, it can be difficult to truly build up relationships with other users.
  • If you have questions, a big idea, or something to share, their community is designed to help you.
  • If you are a PHP programmer by heart with an aim to become better at it; SitePoint is where you should hang out.
  • Designer Hangout is invite-only but you can request an invite on the website.

That’s a negative in that you have to pay to join but a positive as you know that everyone there is there for a reason. Finally, Toptal hosts community events and meetups nearly every day all over the world. All in all a great up and coming programming community which will surely become a household name very soon. The challenge is finding the right programming or web development community for your needs. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just learning the basics of JavaScript, to become a great developer, you need peers. You need to recognize that there are hundreds of programming communities out there full of like-minded professionals who have dealt with the same bugs, come up against similar challenges and have the same ideas.

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Dev is more like a community blog than a forum in that it isn’t technically precise. It’s a free, user-generated online community where users may share their knowledge, ask questions, and interact with other visitors.

  • If you’re looking for encouragement and support to start coding, this isn’t the place.
  • When you find a developer who seems like they would fit your company, don’t immediately send them an email or DM .
  • Dev is ideal for beginners to programming and development as the community is exceptionally helpful.
  • Here is everything you need to know about the benefits and how to host your own.
  • They want to arm you with the knowledge of how to launch your career from the post-bootcamp stage to senior software engineer.
  • As mentioned on their website, you can post anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity.
  • Through their worldwide developers’ community, you can find coding tools, leadership changes, job opportunities, and events that will help you progress your technical abilities.
  • Check them out and remember that these communities are all about give and take.

One of the reasons programmers get so locked into their work is a passion for what they do. This shared passion translates into an amazing resource as developers love to work together to find solutions, discuss new technologies and share useful tips about networking and freelancing. There’s a lot to gain from joining a hackathon—you can learn new skills and gain more knowledge than you would in a few months! Working together in a brand hackathon allows you to collaborate with others in creating business solutions that wouldn’t have been possible alone. Being a developer or coder is challenging, and the life of one can be pretty isolated and lonely. Whether you’re just starting to learn about code or are a seasoned veteran, you’ll need others to help you grow in your profession.


While more experienced developers will still find a home there, it is a great place to learn more about development. Github is a different type of development community from the rest on this list in that it doesn’t easily facilitate much back and forth communication between developers. Toptal also has a resources page with hiring guides, interview questions and example job descriptions for a wide variety of languages. These are all designed for employers, but they function as great interview prep tools to make sure you’re ready to put your best foot forward with potential clients.

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  • India: Coders and programmers are in demand across several IT and non-IT sectors in India.
  • France: The French education sector has promoted an early introduction of computer programming in its courses.

It’s a great place for business coders looking to sharpen their skills and for newbies looking to get started in business coding. They help you get answers to your toughest coding questions, share knowledge with your coworkers in private, and find your next dream job. You can get answers to more than 16.5 million questions and give back by sharing your knowledge with others. This is the place where Python Engineers level up their knowledge, skills and network. Exchange technical publications, coding tutorials and other learning resources.

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Most of these communities also feature awesome web design blogs, which will help you learn the latest and greatest techniques. Hashnode is a place to connect with the best developers from across the world. You can publish stories and share them with the developer community or showcase your recent projects. Communities help developers connect with others who share the same experience, failures, and successes within the industry.

Women Who Code is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging women in technology. They have more than 200,000 members who are all career-aged computer specialists working at various levels in the business. Through their worldwide developers’ community, you can find coding tools, leadership changes, job opportunities, and events that will help you progress your technical abilities. Hacker Noon is an independent tech news community where anyone can share links to stories they think are worth reading. It’s a great place if you’re looking for interesting new ideas and enjoy hearing about software development trends, technologies, etc. There are a plethora of articles on software development, programming languages, and cybersecurity issues that will pique your interest. Stack Overflow has been around for a long time and has become somewhat of an industry-standard place where developers can connect with each other through questions & answers (Q&A).

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Thankfully, computer science has a great reputation for being a generous industry. Open source projects abound, and many skilled, knowledgeable coders support others in forums. Let me step you through the top communities you can join as you start your coding journey. CoffeeCup has a collection of forums across a wide range of topics, including software and web design. This is another traditional forum community but seems lively and has frequent posts from around the world on a variety of subjects. It is free to join and you don’t need an invite so you could begin posting right away if you like. Coderwall is another rich and varied community that covers the entire spectrum of web development.

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