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This API lets us obtain access to any hardware source of media data. As you can see in the diagram, an SDP and ICE candidates needs to be exchanged between client and server to establish the WebRTCsession between the Kurento client and server. Specifically, the SDP negotiation connects the WebRtcPeer at the browser with the WebRtcEndpoint at the server. The complete source code of this demo can be found inGitHub. It also provides a JavaScript library in the rtc module that can be used by any frontend application.

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Sample Node.js WebSocket-based server

That library was created using browserify and lives in the dist directory of the rtc repository. The RTCPeerConnection interface represents a WebRTC connection between a local computer and a remote peer. It provides methods to connect to a remote peer, maintain and monitor the connection, and close the connection once it’s no longer needed. This begins the process of identifying two WebRTC agents that intend to communicate and exchange data. When peers eventually connect and can communicate, signaling makes use of another protocol under the hood, SDP. WebRTC to allow media devices to stream audio and video between connected devices.

  • 2Session Description ProtocolThe SDP is an important part of the WebRTC.
  • Note that no peer-to-peer data goes through the server; The server acts only as a connection broker.
  • Installing from NPM downloads a prebuilt binary for your operating system × architecture.
  • For instructions, check Configure a Node.js server to use HTTPS.
  • With it, we can share state between two or more intending connecting peers.
  • It provides methods to connect to a remote peer, maintain and monitor the connection, and close the connection once it’s no longer needed.
  • Kurento is a low-level platform to create WebRTC applications from scratch.

It is a protocol that is intended to describe media communication sessions. Now navigate to any directory containing the HTML files and run the static command inside the directory to start your web server. You can install it just like any npm package and use along with rest of your implementation. This web application extends the Hello World Tutorial, adding media processing to the basic WebRTC loopback. This demo has been developed using the express framework for Node.js, but express is not a requirement for Kurento. Web browsers require using HTTPS to enable WebRTC, so the web server must use SSL and a certificate file. For instructions, check Configure a Node.js server to use HTTPS.


The other requirement for common WebRTC applications is having a server to host the HTML and Javascript files. Further, to start using the WebSocket library, we need to specify the address of the Node.js server in the WebRTC client. After we’re done, we can make inter-browser WebRTC audio/video calls, where the signaling is handled by the Node.js WebSocket server.

  • On the other hand, SRTP comes in handy for exchanging media information.
  • All in all, the high level architecture of this demo is three-tier.
  • You can load this module directly in your HTML page or include it as a require.js module.
  • Equipped with nothing but an ID, a peer can create a P2P data or media stream connection to a remote peer.
  • The rtc module is a pre-bundled collection of the essential modules you need to get started building your own WebRTC application.
  • But there are chances that the network you are using has several levels of access control to avoid security issues.

Just run sudo apt-get install nodejs in the terminal window. is a collection of node.js modules that simplify WebRTC development. In this article, we’ll explore the WebSocket protocol and review how to set up a basic WebSocket server with the ws WebSocket library in Node.js. He’s mostly focused on good practices in code writing and design patterns.

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