Military Boot Camp Schedules at a Glance

You’ll also receive your first “high and tight” haircut and start looking more like a Marine. They will be squats, mountain climbers, pull-ups, ammo can lifts, and push-ups. You’ll also probably see the dentist at least twice during boot camp.

  • You’ll learn cutting-edge tech like React and ES6, along with Full Stack JavaScript and computer science fundamentals.
  • Drill Instructors are fierce and will address every mistake a recruit makes at this point.
  • This is a seminar on preserving the history and traditions of the Marine Corps.
  • Recruit receiving, 1st phase, 2nd phase, and 3rd phase.
  • But… it might feel like they’re trying to drown you.
  • This helps you learn that being behind your rifle is a comfortable place — a place where you’re not constantly getting yelled at or IT’d.

Built in 1998, the Golden Bear Center is centrally located downtown and serves as the main office for UC Berkeley Extension. Limited street parking is also available (check signage – regulations heavily enforced). Check out our Boot Camp Preparation Guide by clicking the link below. It’s the first time Marines have seen their families since they left for boot camp. Many family members will be surprised at the muscular, lean Marines now being presented to them.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Phase Three

Physical Training this week will be the circuit course, running 2×400 sprints and doing more strength exercises and calisthenics like military press, dips, and pull-ups, of course. It will feel like you spend countless hours drilling with your platoon. Close order drill is one of the biggest parts of Marine Boot Camp.

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth out, they’re going to do it here. Outside, they are limited to five minutes of IT at a time. Expect to do more jumping jacks, pushups, mountain climbers, and other exercises than you ever thought possible.

The Complete Marine Corps Boot Camp Schedule (updated for

The Naval Sea Cadet Corps was established in 1962 and looks “to build leaders of character” through military instruction and…

bootcamp schedule

You’ll create a capstone project for your portfolio, and in the end, you’ll be an autonomous engineer, capable of tackling unique problems. Your Primary Marksmanship Instructors will treat you very differently than your drill instructors.

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You may not be getting your best scores now from being so tired from fire watch, swim quals, drill, and constantly running everywhere you go. But… it might feel like they’re trying to drown you. It’s best to learn how to swim prior to joining the Marines.

  • These are some of the more enjoyable events during boot camp.
  • Recruits who fail to complete the hike or don’t stay with the unit may be rolled back to another training platoon, where they will have to take the last two weeks of training over again!
  • You’ll also spend a lot of time in the classroom learning combat first aid and Marine Corps History.
  • On Saturday you’ll attack the obstacle course once more.
  • You will not be getting any sleep for the first night, and you will probably lie in bed the next wondering what in the world you are doing here.
  • We constantly improve our coding bootcamp curriculum based on new trends, changing needs of the tech industry, and feedback from our students and alumni.

You’ll work through hundreds of hours of problems designed to prepare you for success in technical interviews and in the workplace. You’ll be camping out in “the field” with other recruits and be expected to hold fire watch over the camp at night to simulate battlefield conditions. Instead of starting at the 200-yard line and moving backwards, you’ll start at the 500-yard line and move closer to the “enemy” to better emulate tactical conditions. If recruits are training at San Diego, they will take buses to Camp Pendleton to Weapons and Field Training Battalion.

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