Make Serious Money With These 7 Tech Side Hustles

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  • So even if we were to entirely disregard the potential income , starting your youtube channel is still worth it.
  • If you’d rather not deal with clients, job applications, and portfolios, there are plenty of other ways to make extra income as a developer — especially if you’re already creating content.
  • To join the AAPC or AHIMA will cost over $100 annually, and you’ll have to invest in meeting continuing education requirements and assessments.
  • The tough part is NOT actually getting your store set up , but what will require more effort and time from your side is to be able to market and sell your products.

You could go the classic consulting and coaching route, like Eliot Sykes, a developer and open-source contributor who coaches Rails developers. Or, like John Sonmez of Simple Programmer, you could offer life coaching to other developers. Mobile app development strikes a sweet spot between active and passive income — while they require effort upfront, you only need to update them occasionally and keep an eye out for bugs. Before you create your app, make sure that you do some research to validate your product ideaand ensure there’s a market need for your app. If you choose to build apps for Android users, you have more options for programming languages, including Java, Kotlin, C++, and C#. But if you want to create and monetize something other than content — and you’ve got a penchant for mobile development — check out our next tip.

Websites to Write and Get Paid Instantly ( +$150 per article)

I personally think starting a youtube channel is much more effective than just starting a blog. The tough part is NOT actually getting your store set up , but what will require more effort and time from your side is to be able to market and sell your products. Once you set up the products you want to sell and do everything on your end, your blog will continue to passively make money for you. Make sure you recommend good, valuable products that you use yourself. Unlike monetizing with ads, when you monetize through being an affiliate, you might be tempted to recommend expensive products even if you have never used these products yourself. I make an extra $1500~$2000 per month from this blog alone, helps pay a big chunk of the expensive silicon valley rent. If you want to start your own blog, I wrote an in-depth article about how and why you should start one.

There can be a wide gulf between theory and practice, which is why all too often, people spend years studying for a career that they end up disliking once they’re in the workforce. A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job.

How to Get the Tech Experience You Need to Find a Job

QA testers are responsible for running tests on websites, applications, and software programs to identify coding flaws and bugs. If you’re new to tech this kind of work might sound out of reach, but it’s actually an ideal platform for learning more about the coding process. QA testers themselves aren’t the ones writing the code , meaning you don’t have to be a master coder to do QA work. However, if you start a QA side hustle you’ll be up close and personal with plenty of coding examples to learn from—while also getting paid.

Unlike a typical nine-to-five job, side gigs tend to lean towards your hobbies or things that fascinate you. As a side hustler, you enjoy more financial security from engaging your passion without sacrificing the regular paycheck from your main job. Now go forth, developers, and start spreading your knowledge, growing your income, and seeing where your hard work can take you. Sell online courses that focus on a specific area of expertise. Coach, mentor, or create a community for like-minded developers. To save even more time, you can also repurpose your blog contentinto an ebook.

Hourly wage for Part time Programming Jobs

If you decide to monetize only with ads, you should always be trying to increase your readers as your ads income is directly proportional to the size of your readers. Google allows you to put Google ads on your site and get a share of the ad revenue every time one of your readers click on the ad. This course by Daniel Scott teaches you how to create, market, and sell your first online course. Platforms like Udemy make it super easy to create your courses and make money from them.

coding as a side job

In 2018, global mobile app revenue amounted to over $365 billion. In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than $935 billion. And if you have a specific skill set or specialty, niching down even further can help you stand out in a crowded market of other coders. That flexibility is a big reason that more Americans are freelancing now than ever before, with 36% of American workersreporting that they freelance.

Side Income Ideas For Programmers (That Actually Work)

Get started by downloading my free guide to 28 different tech side gig ideas. For example, Joe Previte was able to make $5,000 in his first year of learning to code. Image via Shutterstock under license to Frank AndradeGetting a job as a programmer is tough. Sometimes you might not have enough experience for the job or the salary offered isn’t what you expect. People generally love to communicate and engage others with similar interests, passions, and desires. By building a paid online forum, you’re providing an opportunity for this connection to happen while receiving financial rewards.

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