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– The framework you choose for your Javascript application has already been tried and tested by a large community, which often makes it more reliable than code one person writes from scratch. – A mainstream framework makes it easier to add new developers to your team, since many candidates are already familiar with it. – Frameworks help you adopt effective patterns for your application’s structure. Similar to Vue, React is designed for gradual implementation, meaning you can use as little or as much React on your website as your particular needs require.

Do I need HTML with React?

React uses an HTML-in-JavaScript syntax called JSX (JavaScript and XML). Familiarity with both HTML and JavaScript will help you to learn JSX, and better identify whether bugs in your application are related to JavaScript or to the more specific domain of React.

React’s JSX makes it easy to define and structure your HTML elements. Angular uses TypeScript, a type-safe programming language that’s a superset of JavaScript. Choosing a JavaScript framework for a new project can be a daunting task. There’s always a new one getting hype from the community, while the established players still have a lot to offer. Other popular brands using Angular or AngularJS for their web projects are Forbes, LEGO, Autodesk, UPS, BMW, and many others.

Real-life projects designed with jQuery

Kraken is style agnostic, and comes with a responsive grid and a fluid typographic scale. DisplayJS was created to have the simplicity of jQuery, but with the power of Vue.js, React, Angular, etc… Created in 2011 by Yehuda Katz, Ember is an MVC (Model-view-Controller ) framework that developers can use to develop both desktop and mobile applications and single-page applications. A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It’s a framework that lets you build your application the way you want with a core set of tools to work with. Backbone has been around for a long time, but it’s still under steady and regular development.

  • The Open source platform of Next.js offers a React front-end JavaScript framework.
  • JQuery development can be a pretty efficient tool for creating desktop-based JavaScript applications.
  • Developers can only operate within a strict context of the features predefined by the framework’s architecture, so it won’t be productive when you need more professional space.
  • Ember.js provides a new binding syntax using the HTMLBars template engine, a superset of the Handlebars templating engine that automatically updates any relevant data changes.
  • At least, because of its deficit in tooling (it doesn’t have a mature pool of plugins) and a stable community.
  • If that sounds similar to a software library, it’s because libraries and frameworks have a lot in common, but they’re not quite the same.
  • Add our JavaScript provider to your pages and start building a better and more robust application.

Using a JavaScript library makes it easier to handle a document following its content while adding more interactivity. As we’ve said, JavaScript libraries are used to perform specific functions.

The Most Popular JavaScript Libraries

This saves time greatly for developers who spend it on writing code. I hope this extensive list of JavaScript libraries and frameworks helps you choose the right one for your next project.

  • It is a lightweight boilerplate, with full support for mobile-friendly design and development.
  • Adding mathematical expressions, date, time, and strings can be tricky.
  • They not only save you time but also bring simplicity to the entire development process.
  • DisplayJS is incredibly simple because everything run in the background, this mean that you don’t have to touch anything, you just have to write a few lines to declare your variables.
  • Now it becomes simpler to understand exactly why JavaScript has a number of frameworks.

JQuery opened the door for new frontend tools, and modern frameworks like Backbone, Angular, and Ember appeared to provide a complete architecture for frontend application development. A JavaScript library refers to packaged code, methods, and functions that can be reused and repurposed. On the other hand, a JavaScript framework defines the application design, can call on a library, and use code within it. It doesn’t offer a single solution; instead, it gives you a set of blueprints for building web applications.

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