8 tech jobs that don’t require coding

Here’s a description of what product managers do – they identify a customer need, aligns it with the business objective. Ideate and articulate a product that will meet that need, then, mobilises a team to turn that vision to reality while maximizing returns on investment. To succeed in a technical recruiting role, you need a combination of soft skills and technical knowledge. They include negotiation, analytical, organisational, critical thinking, interpersonal, ATS software proficiency, Microsoft office proficiency, etc. Growth hackers possess a combination of skills in product marketing, digital market, persuasive marketing, sprinkled with a little bit of product engineering knowledge.

tech careers that don't involve coding

Several other prominent skills are – communication, presentation, decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking, etc. The average salary of a Data Analyst in India with 1 or 2 years of experience is around INR 6-8 LPA. In addition, after becoming a proficient Data Analyst – you may also consider other related fields in the future such as Data Science, etc. for more exposure. Some of the skills required include copywriting, Adobe Photoshop proficiency, digital marketing, design, marketing, etc.


Web analytics specialist is for you if you are self-driven and have a competitive streak. Digital analysts seek to improve user experience, convert more visitors into customers and increase page views by troubleshooting a website’s design using data analytics. They do a thorough analysis of their organisation’s website design in order to understand users and they can serve them better. Free online resources are also available to help you get a tech job that doesn’t require coding.

Technical writing has to do with press releases, reports, announcements, business proposals, product descriptions, press releases, white papers, user manuals etc. The skills required for a career in technical writing are excellent communication, storytelling, and a good grasp of English grammar. A business analyst understands where the organization aims to go, and the problems it struggles with to get there. Armed with this knowledge, this individual proposes ways for IT to help an organization achieve its goals. Business analysts regularly meet with managers, executive leadership and end users to define project needs, and make software and hardware recommendations based on this feedback. Despite coding being one of the most preferred skills in the tech world – it is not mandatory for you to know to code for making a career and getting a job at a reputed tech organization. There are numerous ravishing tech jobs out there that do not demand coding skills and allow you to make a good decent amount of money also.

Product Marketing Manager

They’re assigned to specific projects and are in charge of overseeing them until completion. This senior role requires superb organizational skills and management experience. Technical recruiters often stand as gatekeepers between major organizations and technical employees such as programmers and developers. Commonly employed by startups, growth hackers combine marketing, technology, and business development with a laser focus on user acquisition. They develop and implement onboarding strategies, experiment extensively, measure results, and tweak—or even discard—plans as necessary, based on consumer response and engagement. Such a role requires flexibility and agility of process to successfully execute.

How do I start a career in artificial intelligence?

  1. Statistical Skills.
  2. Mathematical Skills and Probability.
  3. Programming Skills.
  4. Advanced Signal Processing Techniques.
  5. Distributed Computing.
  6. Machine Learning Engineer.
  7. Data Scientist.
  8. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer.

Scrum Masters support the product owner, to guide team members throughout the course of a project and step in to resolve conflicts. Developer Advocates create content about the product, and they are active members on StackOverflow, Quora, Twitter, etc., answering any questions the developers might have. A Developer Advocate is someone who teaches other developers how to use a product. A Developer Advocate usually has a coding background, and they’re someone who enjoys being around people. If the product is open-source, they want more software engineers to support it. They create content that explains how a software product works and instructions on setting up the software product on a laptop.

What Are Good Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding?

Product Managers play a vital role within an organization because they understand the customer’s needs. A technical writer breaks down complex and technical concepts into easy-to-understand written material that engineers will read. Data analysts collect, clean, analyse and interpret data to help inform effective business decisions. They proffer solutions to business problems by gleaning insights and eliminating inefficiencies after studying data.

In growth hacking, the singular metric which matters is rapid growth. However, as is the case in so many sales roles, high reward comes with high risk. Quotas, high-pressure-high-stakes negotiations, and extensive travel often take a toll on family life, so knowing what you’re getting into at the outset is important. Web analysis specialists generally work through agencies representing multiple clients, so expect to handle more than one website, depending on the agency’s size and workflow. Making the interface a cohesive whole by intentionally designing each element of the site or web app to ensure they all work together. Laurence Bradford, founder of Learn to Code With Me, is a front-end developer and website content strategist who writes about entering the tech world.

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