White Label Payment Gateway Getting Started

Traditional payment gateways, also known as third-party payment processors, offer a payment processing service that is branded under their own name. These services can be used by businesses to accept payments, but the branding and user experience is not customizable. White label payment gateway solutions offer businesses of all sizes the opportunity to build an online payment infrastructure quickly and efficiently. White label payment gateways provide businesses with access to multiple payment processing services. This ensures that customers have a range of payment options to choose from, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and other digital payment methods.

  • White label payment gateways are provided by payment service providers, which handle the payment transactions on behalf of the business.
  • So, the white-label solution will be the most cost-effective for you if you deal with large payment volumes.
  • With Productfy, developers can configure in hours, integrate in days, and go from idea to full stack deployment in as little as 3 weeks.
  • Get the optimal payment setup for your industry to ensure better payment experience for you customers and win over competitors.
  • White label payment gateway gets you online with a scalable technical infrastructure that we enhance and maintain for you.
  • Feel free to consult our payment experts at unipaygateway.com to learn, which white label payment solution flavor works best for your specific business model.

These are the top white-label payment gateway providers you should consider when choosing one for your business. In the meantime, let’s look into the advantages white label bank of having white-label software. In a nutshell, white-label payment gateway software is a payment system developed by expert third-party providers.

What is a white label payment gateway?

These services enable businesses to accept payments from various credit card companies, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and in different currencies. Payment processing services also ensure that businesses are PCI compliant and adhere to the latest security standards. You’re free to choose any payment partner whose international online payment solution matches your needs. It swiftly brings you online with all the necessary payment methods, currencies, and features, making your business highly scalable and appealing to customers with no development efforts on your side.

white label payment processing

It takes quite a lot of time, and each connection requires constant maintenance and updating. On the contrary, by choosing a white label solution, you’ll have a bunch of ready-made integrations to connect and offer to your merchants at the very start. Moreover, more control means more responsibility (i.e. responsibility for payment security, integrations, certifications, and features you want to control and modify). With the growing popularity of online shopping, the demand for white-label payment solutions grew exponentially. As a response, new technology vendors emerged turning the market into a highly competitive one.

A. Explanation of white label payment gateway

Tokenization—a safety measure that ensures you never have to handle sensitive payment data of your customers directly. Do they have anti-fraud and chargeback prevention controls in place? By taking the white-labeling route, ISVs can save themselves the hassle and risk of exploring uncharted territories. Instead, they can focus on what they do best while offering a diverse range of solutions to meet the changing needs of their customers. Not only does this allow them to expand their offerings, but also have greater control over the payment process.

white label payment processing

Plus, they get to create an additional revenue stream while leaving the heavy lifting to the white-label payment processor. The first step to implementing white-label payment processing is to find the right payment tech partner. Enable high approvals and reduce negative user experiences due to declined transactions with automated decisioning informed by your data, complemented with WePay’s manual reviews. Get up and running quickly with our ready-to-use full hosted onboarding experience.

Benefits of a white-label payment gateway

3.49% plus 49 cents for Venmo (U.S. only), transactions in non-U.S.

white label payment processing

It’s worth mentioning that our payment traffic has multiplied several times since we started with the platform, and it easily fulfils our needs as we scale and enter new geographies. From the moment we signed up until now, we’ve had a pleasant interaction with the team. Also, they helped a lot with setup and onboarding at the initial stages.

Payment options supported

Checkout A universal ready-made payment acceptance solution, designed with the consumer in mind. As the owner, you’re free to open merchant accounts on the platform and onboard your clients. Branded detailed documentation and full API references are available for your merchants to help them explore the platform’s capabilities and the features of the back office.

Article was published on: 06/15/23

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