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Liquidity is essential for trading in cryptocurrencies like all other tradeable assets for completing transactions quickly at a low cost. Finsbridge is one of the top crypto cfd liquidity providers in the trading industry. We provide liquidity through all major bridge providers and all the crypto CFD instruments are available 24×7 on our platform for trading.

cfd liquidity providers

Launched in December 2011, FXSpotStream is a platform that allows banks and clients to interact bilaterally and fully transparently. FXSpotStream provides access to the Algos of its liquidity providers through both its API and GUI, and supports pre- and
post-trade allocations. Leverate, with 12 years of experience in the financial markets, offers attractive solutions for a wide range of market players. LXCapital, one of their key services, connects your order book to a deep liquidity pool featuring more than 15 crypto trading pairs. B2Broker is ranked as a Top 10 LP in the industry, offering an easy-to-implement solution for brokers, with access to over 800 trading instruments and 7 asset classes on one single multi-currency account.

Crypto Prime Liquidity

Without liquidity providers, this same trader would have to wait for another investor that was looking for the opposite transaction and mutually agree on a price. Pricing and fees are other important factors when selecting a liquidity provider. It’s important to compare pricing and fees between different providers to ensure you get the best deal possible. Different providers may have different fee structures, with
some charging flat fees or commissions while others may offer more competitive spreads. Additionally, it’s important to consider whether the provider offers discounts for frequent traders or volume-based rates, as this could help you save money in the long

  • We have spent many years building a deep liquidity network and investing in our pricing technology.
  • Despite the widespread availability of pre-built solutions, some brokerages still opt to build their own systems.
  • Traders, investors and brokers can create custom trading applications, integrate into our platforms and build algo trading systems.
  • A guaranteed stop loss order, offered by some CFD providers, is a pre-determined price that, when met, automatically closes the contract.
  • As a result of increasing asset trading activity and a growth in liquidity providers during the preceding few years, brokerages now have access to a bigger number of CFD liquidity providers to the benefit of their clients.

As the Deutsche Börse Group’s global FX unit, the company offers a full range of streamlined services across the entire trading workflow of FX and Short Term Money Market products, adding real value to clients. Different types of liquidity providers have different advantages and disadvantages. X Open Hub links brokerage businesses to over 3000 instruments by connecting them to extensive institutional liquidity pools. For CFD contracts on cryptocurrencies, their pool includes pairs with seven digital assets, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DASH, EOS, and XLM. They boast industry-leading execution speeds, and their pricing structures suit STP and ECN brokerage firms. Their in-house back
office assembles trades from an array of ECN and individual bank trading sites, presenting a cohesive outlook of clients’ positions.

How many companies are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?

B2Broker also provides a B2Core CRM system setup free of charge for any liquidity client, and liquidity clients can benefit from the in-house crypto payment gateway, B2BinPay. Brokeree builds a liquidity bridge for brokerages, facilitating Crypto CFD trading. They collaborate with leading liquidity aggregators to tap into the deepest liquidity pools. Brokers can access high liquidity for over 50 trading pairs, enjoying minimal execution time and low spreads. Established in 2017, B2Broker quickly ascended the ranks, initially providing CFDs for 30 crypto trading pairs.

This move was borne out of the desire to enable smaller companies and brokerage businesses which may not have the leverage to access liquidity from the top tier providers, to be able to source such liquidity from B2Broker. Primary liquidity providers buy big batches of assets from the institutions that issue them. Most of these are banking and financial institutions, like Dukascopy and Venture Liquidity Providers Inc., as they hold large amounts of capital. For example, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley are global, leading providers in forex. Not all tier 1 providers are financial institutions, however, there are some non-bank forex providers, generally meaning companies with high purchasing power.

Why you should have multiple liquidity providers:

Any news, opinions, research, data, or other information contained within this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment or trading advice. GBE brokers Ltd expressly disclaims any liability for any lost principal or profits without limitation which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on such information. Our multi-asset liquidity comes equipped with advanced capabilities and features, helping our partners to maximise product offering and diversify revenue streams with our safe, secure and reliable pricing. A provider of technology for multi-asset class execution, connectivity, aggregation, distribution and hub.

cfd liquidity providers

We have different types of PAMM accounts available for licensed fund managers and money managers to trade on big volumes applying strategies for trading in big accounts. The platform allows you to use a leaderboard of strategies for retail and private clients with custom allocation settings. We help our traders to access a wide range of global cash indices and expert advice regarding the liquidity solutions required in your business. Our bespoke liquidity solutions come with deep institutional liquidity on all major indices traded in the market. Some companies gives you access to aggregated liquidity from a variety of sources, including top-tier banks and non-bank liquidity providers.

What are CFD Liquidity Providers and How Do I Choose One?

Beyond Crypto CFDs, they provide liquidity for assets totaling around 250 products. Any brokerage that hopes to succeed must provide its clients with a trading platform that is accessible, dependable, and safe. Despite the widespread availability of pre-built solutions, some brokerages still opt to build their own systems.

In the broad sense, these contracts empower an investor to obtain profits without holding the underlying assets. Let’s dive into this instrument deeper to understand why CFD liquidity is important for both traders and brokerage companies. Certain brokerage businesses may provide both foreign exchange and cryptocurrency contracts, while others may specialize in just one of the two types of contracts. Many firms like OctaFX, Tickmill Prime and TradersWay, offer definitions, tutorials and training courses based on liquidity providers. You can also find more information on blogs and forums as well as other websites.

How Do Liquidity Providers Work?

FIX API is used by numerous banks, prime brokers, and hedge funds to operate in real-time mode. We strive to ensure that our ecosystem provides customers with easy connectivity to our liquidity. That is why we are integrated with the largest trading platforms in the forex market, as well as various distribution systems. We are a CySEC–regulated Liquidity Provider that works exclusively with professional clients and institutions.

State-of-the-art price aggregation & execution technology and premium connectivity with expert 24-hour support. ⦿ Our platform provides seamless integration to your office so that you can access all your trading access with a single login. Bonds are an important asset class in financial markets that are often used in a diversified… Benefit from our long-term experience and our professional network of Forex and CFD liquidity solutions. Do you need any recommendations to find the right providers for your liquidity need? Furthermore, it’s essential that you can rely on the provider for assistance when needed, as this will allow you to focus on more important aspects such as trading strategies or managing portfolios.


If the other clients in the pooled account fail to meet margin calls, the CFD provider has the right to draft from the pooled account with potential to affect returns. Use LiquidityFinder’s free business search tools to find the best TradFi and DeFi service providers, companies and professionals for your business. We give you a full overview on providers & companies, their offerings, their requirements to save you the time to search, contact, collate and compare. As your trading guide and a trusted partner, we understand the need for providing solutions that accommodate metal liquidity for all valuable metals and industrial metals. The main attraction of Crypto CFDs is the possibility of making large returns from even modest market shifts. An investor can participate in crypto price movements without actually holding any cryptocurrency.

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