17 Best Affiliate Management Software Solutions for 2023

To make management even easier, you can create separate affiliate groups within the app and set different commission levels for each group. For example, dishonest affiliates can use several illegal ways to get more clicks — like by using bots or copying content from other marketers. And because fraud becomes increasingly more sophisticated, noticing that a marketer may be violating your terms and conditions is getting more and more difficult even for a savvy business owner. Without tracking metrics, you won’t know what your affiliates are doing and whether or not your marketing is going in the right direction.

You also need to ensure your program is safe from dishonest marketers, keep an eye on your affiliates’ performance, and take care of their payrolls as well. You could do all of this manually, but do you have enough time for that? Installing affiliate marketing software can help you sort leads that drive conversions.


Top of the funnel should get exclusive commissions, custom promotions and always be given priority. Without them you’ll need to find another way to reach these potential customers and it will probably cost a lot more money. The influence they provide and trust from their referral can normally help increase the conversion rate of this traffic.

affiliate management system

It can take many months, or even years, to develop critical partnerships when operating manually. Your searches will also cost you money, which can add up exponentially over time. The purpose of an affiliate management system is to grow your business. Below, we discuss the direct and indirect tools and results that enable this growth. When managed well, with the right partners, affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient marketing models for driving new customers and incremental sales. High value affiliates or top-of-the-funnel partners are the most valuable.

Refersion Top Features

You can add unlimited currencies but only one must be set as a default and in all other currencies, you will need to enter the conversation rate from the default currency to the one you edit. This module allows you to turn on/off all supported modules in the system. Some of the big modules have a control panel that gives you the option to disable or enable it as well. The system easily integrates with third-party websites and platforms making the workflow smooth.

Deciding for which to settle for actually depends on your business goals and the level of functionality you need. ClickFunnels is yet another all-in-one marketing system that is designed specially to take care of all your online marketing needs. PayKickStart starts at a basic plan of $99/mo all the way to $149/mo. With its fairly customizable dashboard, you can change the look of your affiliate area the way you want (logos, colors, etc.). Most of the features aren’t new things to be excited about though.

With LinkMink affiliate management software, affiliate managers can track their commissions and any earnings made by all of their affiliates. The options listed here are trusted, well-established and offer all the essential features you need to create and manage a successful affiliate marketing program. Its native post back capabilities and automated affiliate marketing software tools are an added plus and can help your business streamline every aspect of your partner marketing campaigns. Rewardful is one of the most affordable and reliable affiliate marketing solutions. It has everything you need to create new affiliate programs from scratch and put them into action.

Better Tracking and Reporting

With the capability to show data related to your clicks, leads, and conversions, you can retarget the right audience. Moreover, it has an anti-fraud Clickshield that protects your affiliate program against bot traffic. Designed for SaaS businesses, FirstPromoter offers you various ways to engage with your affiliates from multi-tiered campaigns to an attractive interface. Build better relationships with your affiliates by giving them a better experience.

In doing so, it can help you develop an effective marketing strategy. The affiliate management system software can quickly establish which websites are driving sales and performing well. By working with actual data and figures, the affiliate management system can do a lot of the work for you. You can expect better, more reliable returns on the investment you make in such software.

Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software

No problem, its migration feature lets you move campaign data from applications like AdsBridge, Binom, Thrive, and BeMob. You have to consider some factors when choosing the best affiliate management system for your business. While this is difficult for you in some cases, some offer fraud prevention features that allow you to eliminate or reduce the risk of false claims and keep fraudulent attempts at a minimum. Have a look at the 6 biggest reasons why you should use an affiliate management system in your company. Re you thinking about getting a third-party affiliate management system but aren’t sure it’s worthwhile?

Simple Integration into new or existing websites!

This module allows you to get a backup of your database and download it to your PC. Some of the custom content is not supported by multi-language and you will be able to save your main language only with this specific content or page name or title as well. But also for this part, we are doing improvements from version to version. All add-ons are free to use and includes in the system, with no extra fee. Grovia is an excellent solution for affiliate discovery and outreach. When you need help finding top-ranking content publishers, look no further than Grovia.

  • You can invite unlimited persons to be your vendors and they will be able to integrate any site, the same as the admin does with affiliates.
  • This is the date till which the affiliate commission would be considered for the payout.
  • This tool is designed for the use of software as a service companies.
  • This level of ‘affiliate-brand matchmaking’ is something many affiliate management tools don’t offer.
  • These include payout management, email automation, conversion tracking, and thorough reporting.

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming complex as marketers juggle numerous channels… They’ve been around forever, and the depth to which this software goes shows it. Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. Prepare your resource center assets before launching your program.

However, affiliate marketing still has many benefits that make it a great marketing channel for companies of all sizes and industries. Affiliate marketing software also can help you to understand where you stand in the market. The more you know about your position in the global economy, the better decisions you can make. The software will help you cut through the fluff and get the best partnerships. Listed below are some important points to consider when purchasing affiliate software. While some of the benefits of affiliate software may be clear from our discussion above, we’ve listed the most notable ones in this section.

Software Main Features

This platform is virtually a one-stop-shop for marketers as it offers campaign development, webpage building, email marketing, affiliate management, and more. You can also enjoy real-time tracking of each affiliate’s performance. As Grovia is designed specifically for partner discovery and outreach, it helps you connect with the best affiliates for your unique brand. This level of ‘affiliate-brand matchmaking’ is something many affiliate management tools don’t offer. Their focus in on monitoring and managing the affiliate program, rather than finding the perfect partners for your program.

reasons to use a third-party affiliate management system

They include tracking for clicks, impressions, promo codes, redirects, and mobile app and web use, among others. The software’s report functionality lets you break down or view your data in more than 30 ways. Peerclick specializes in high-speed tracking, with a capacity to process over 1 billion clicks daily per account. Vendors can track over 40 data parameters, including their income, expenses, and conversions in real-time. Meanwhile, the affiliate panel displays statistical data on offers, the traffic they were able to generate, and payouts.

Moreover, employing an affiliate management system will be beneficial to not only yourself but your affiliates as well, as it offers various tools that improve affiliate productivity. OSI AffiliateOSI Affiliate is a features-rich affiliate marketing system for influencers, brand owners and enterprise. It comes with all traditional affiliate features with an easy-to-use interface that used to build your online business to drive more traffic and sales. OSI affiliate marketing tracking and affiliate management software is one of the best out there. Over 20 years, this tool has been one of the most used and popular affiliate tracking solutions by online entrepreneurs – affiliate management, tracking, and all sorts. All LeadDyno affiliate tracking software plans are month-to-month starting from $49/mo and include a 30-day free trial.

TapAffiliate allows you to grow and track your campaigns in one convenient location. It provides a simple, easy-to-navigate interface that’s recommended for beginners who have never used an affiliate marketing program before. Afftrack is an affiliate marketing tool ideal for any business size. It’s designed to be one of the most versatile free affiliate marketing tools today.


The best part is they have a free trial, and the price they offer is also reasonable. LeadDyno is a premium lead management affiliate marketing program that lets you manage your marketing campaigns from one convenient dashboard. It offers one-click integration and works with various e-commerce, marketing, payment processors, and CRM. The software has a feature that allows you to run a real-time contest among your affiliates, boosting your sales at the launch of a new service or product and motivating your network. Meanwhile, its user-friendly affiliate profile lets your partners easily manage their payout information and secure tax documents.

Best Affiliate Tracking Software

FirstPromoter’s affiliate marketing management suite comes with everything you need to create referral programs and it is incredibly easy to set up and use. Affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular way to generate revenue for your business, but it can be difficult to manage affiliate programs without the right software. Using the right affiliate tracking software is crucial for your affiliate marketing program!

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